What we do

What We do

From associations with manufacturing entities throughout the Globe, we are able to deliver a wide array of solutions to multiple sectors, including general requirement  of Parts and Components of Diesel Vehicles, SP Guns, and APCs.


Our inventory of ever growing numbers of Parts & Components include:

  • Heavy Machinery
  • Machine Tools
  • Machine Parts
  • New & Used Hospital Equipment
  • Engines & Engine Parts of Petrol Vehicles
  • Diesel light & heavy Vehicles & Tractors
  • Aircraft & Helicopter Parts
  • Parts for Electric Generators
  • Equipment for Electric Generation Companies
  • Oil Riggs & Heavy Salvage Industry Machines


Our services and customer satisfaction principles are our key differentiators in the business:

  • Deliveries to most parts of US, including in house orders, or special requested equipment by general consumers, as well as military, aviation and medical organizations.
  • Multiple layered customer support through dedicated relationship managers, who take responsibility to aid in selecting best products, ensuring their quality testing, convenient purchasing and delivering to your doorstep.
  • Highly flexible purchasing and leasing plans for customers, and organizations of all scale
  • Strictly adhering to export compliance processes

Used Machinery

AstroTech has been providing standardized maintained machinery from leading local American & International sources to user, placing emphasis on high grade durability from used machinery.

New Machinery

We also deliver new machine parts, vehicle components, aircraft and oil riggs for users looking for top notch performance grade parts, to customers all over the US.

New & Used Hospital Equipment

AstroTech has been a trusted supplier of state of the art medical and hospital equipment for hospitals and medical institutions all over US.